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Premium Gear Kit

Premium Gear Kit

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Preparation is essential for peace of mind, and this Premium Gear Kit provides all the necessary tools and gadgets to handle any emergency. From an advanced water filtration bottle, emergency blankets, and 121-piece First Aid kit, to a heavy-duty tarp, knife and pliers multi-tool, combination weather radio, light and cell phone charger, and more, when it comes to emergency readiness, Live Prepared helps keep you and your family safe, sound and secure.

Premium 121-Piece First Aid Kit

Advanced Water Filtration Bottle

Premium Solar & Crank Radio, Light, Charger

Stainless Steel Cup with Handle

Duct Tape

10-in-1 Multi Tool

Emergency Backpack

Utility Cord

Heavy Duty Emergency Tarp

Emergency Ponchos (2-Pack)

8-in-1 Flashlight Tool

Work Gloves

Dust Masks (3-Pack)

Emergency Blankets (2-Pack)

50-Hour Candles (2-Pack)

Complete Cooking Kit


  1. Heavy Duty Emergency Backpack:Tough and reliable, featuring large main compartment, secondary compartment with organizer, side compression straps for load balance, hydration compatible (reservoir sold separately), padded handle with shoulder straps, front accessory pocket, two mesh side pockets, and reflective accents for added safety.
  2. Emergency Ponchos (2), Blankets (2) and Tarp:Provide critical shelter and protection from the elements during an emergency. They are lightweight and easily fit in backpacks. Ponchos are one-size fits all (36” x 60” each). Emergency Blankets reflect 90% of body heat and help prevent hypothermia (52” x 84” each). Tarp is 5’x7’, windproof and 100% waterproof.
  3. Solar & Crank Radio, Light, Charger:The radio features 11 band AM/FM, shortwave and weather alerts, five LED flashlight plus reading lamp and SOS emergency light. Self-powered hand crank charging system. Adjustable solar panel captures energy from sun or natural light. Includes micro cable and built-in USB ports charge most cell phones and more. Built-in rubberized carry strap. Comes with water resistant rubberized body.
  4. Hygiene Kit:Provides the bare essentials to maintain proper hygiene to keep clean and fresh, and also to prevent the spread of disease and/or infection. Kit includes rinse-free shampoo and body wash, hand sanitizer, stick deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrush.
  5. 8-in-1 Flashlight Tool:Includes signal mirror, whistle, flashlight, magnifying glass, matches, thermometer and Compass.
  6. 10-in-1 Multi-Tool:A tough, lightweight and compact tool that easily fits in pockets or backpacks. Multiple functions include pliers, knife, nail file, bottle opener, can opener, screwdriver and saw. Weighs just 3.2 ounces.
  7. Complete Cooking Kit and Stainless Steel Cup:Includes 2-Quart Pot with Lid and Removable Handle Folding Stove with Fuel Tablets 6-in-1 Utensil Tool (Knife, Fork, Spoon, Can Opener, Cork Screw, Awl) and Waterproof Matches. The steel cup holds up to 8 liquid ounces and can be used as a small bowl, cooking pan, scooper or drinking cup.
  8. Advanced Water Filtration Bottle:Removes up to 99.99% of viruses and bacteria, as well as taste, odor, chemicals, salt, sand or sediment, for up to 100 gallons of water. BPA free. Features convenient carry strap and comfortable neoprene sleeve for improved grip.
  9. 50-hour Candles:Liquid paraffin was candles burn clean and without odor or smoke, and provide up to 100 hours of total burn time or steady flame for more than four days, and it’s safe to burn indoors in well ventilated area.
  10. 121-piece First Aid Kit:This comprehensive emergency first aid solution by Lifeline treats anything from bruises to burns. Features everything you need from bandages, gauze and sterile pads to scissors and vinyl gloves. Components are securely contained in a sturdy, hard-shell foam case with transparent pockets.
  11. Duct Tape, Utility Cord, Dust Masks and Work Gloves:60-yards of 2-inch wide duct tape, 100 feet of paracord utility cord strength tested to 500 pounds, two N-series dust masks that are 95% efficient at protecting against dust, dirt and oil-free air, and a set of premium split cowhide leather palm gloves with rubberized safety cuff.


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12 lbs

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