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From a small fire breakout to multi-state natural disasters, the American Red Cross goes wherever we’re needed, so people can have clean water, safe shelter and hot meals when they need them most.

We aim to prepare for, prevent, respond to and recover from disasters, and provide the best possible support to the American people with a vision of "A Nation Prepared."

Our mission is to provide weather, water, and climate data, forecasts and warnings for the protection of life and property and enhancement of the national economy.

The StormReady program helps arm America's communities with the communication and safety skills needed to save lives and property--before, during and after the disasters.

Ready campaign is designed to educate and empower Americans to prepare for and respond to emergencies,and ultimately increase the level of basic preparedness across the nation.

FloodSmart supports local communities in their efforts to reduce the risk and consequences of serious flooding.

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